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Luxury Furniture Design & Project Management

Whether we are just crafting a piece from your designs or we are designing and creating a piece (or even a full room) from the ground up, our attention to detail and care for the project is just the same.

We are a customer and service driven company, and we believe that every stage of our processes should add value for our clients and their projects.

How Our Projects Flow

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The below is not an exact linear process. Your Project Manager will be back and forth at all times, ensuring the design, process and production is all going to plan and to our and your expectations.

Assign Project Manager

When your project starts with us, you are assigned a dedicated Project Manager. This PM will be your point of contact for all aspects of the project, and they will help bring your pieces to life from start to finish.

Project managers are experienced and knowledgeable craftspeople in their own right, and are often seen getting stuck in with caulking, finishing, polishing and much more besides.

A comprehensive project plan lies at the core of the Neal Jones Furniture service. The project managers (all furniture specialists) constantly refer to this plan, checking progress with the workshops. Progress is recorded by photograph, video and site visits and evidence is regularly shared with the client.

You can provide technical drawings to our team to review, or our experienced draftsmen and technical furniture experts can create them from concept art and designs.

At this stage we can also get our workshops involved to use their specific expertise to ensure the design is going to be 100% viable and deliverable on time. Any queries or concerns at this stage will be clearly fed back from your project manager to discuss, to ensure budget and timescale expectations are going to be met.

Particularly important for marine and exterior furniture, our design process carefully considers the environmental conditions to ensure that the furniture is sufficiently protected. Other key criteria can concern weight or regulatory compliance (such as the reg-b requirements for marine furniture).

At every stage of the design and planning process, your knowledgeable project manager will be double and triple checking all aspects of the project to ensure that you will receive the pieces that will best fit your requirements. This experience could well involve providing recommendations for tweaks to the design or materials, for example, to ensure that your piece will be fully appropriate for it’s final location, the highest quality and remain that way for years to come.

Budget may not be the primary concern, but all clients expect value and sometimes small compromises in design or material specification can make significant impacts on cost with no detriment to the aesthetic or functionality of the finished item. We will include any such suggestions as options in our pricing documents.

Placing significant orders with small companies is often considered risky. Neal Jones Furniture mitigate this risk by a) carrying out their own financial due diligence and b) by managing the payment schedule to effectively guarantee the financial viability of the workshop through the project.

Once all designs and drawings are agreed on, and only then, do the workshops begin crafting your pieces. Your project manager will coordinate between all suppliers and the multitude of our workshops. They will visit workshops too to check on progress and solve queries, and they will take pictures of the process to relay back to you so you can see how your pieces are progressing.

With all the good will in the world, problems completely outside of anyone’s control will rear their heads from time to time. If this does happen, your project manager will move resources, find new suppliers, consult our designers and draftsmen for new ideas, or relay any decisions that may need making to you, to ensure any problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Progress is regularly inspected by our furniture specialists to ensure that specifications are being followed correctly and implemented to the most demanding quality standards.

Although the various pieces that make up a project can be made in workshops from all across the UK, on completion they will all be brought to a central location, be that our studio or one of our workshops to facilitate easy client inspection. 

Your project manager will help coordinate with freight and shipping companies to help ensure your pieces arrive not only in the right place, but at the right time and in the right order.

With every piece of our furniture, you will receive instructions on how to assemble or mount (where applicable), along with care and maintenance instructions.

All furniture is carefully packed in robust casing and delivered using ‘white gloves’, and your project manager will be in touch after delivery to ensure everything arrived in the same quality it left us.

Our furniture will be outstanding when delivered, but we think it is just as important that it retains that impact over the years to come. Sadly, accidents happen, and furniture does get damaged. At design time, we try to anticipate such potential damage and plan how it can be repaired. For example, this may be ensuring that upholstery can be easily removed and replaced. We often supply spare sets of upholstery with a diagrammatic guide that will allow on-site replacement. We also keep spare fabric to ensure that damaged items can be repaired or remade to match.

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If it is a concern of the client, we will review the materials and techniques required in the making of the furniture. If significant carbon savings can be identified that will not compromise the finished pieces, we will suggest those changes in our pricing documents.

More can be found on our Sustainability efforts and environmental concern here.


A 2 year guarantee on the quality of our furniture is standard at Neal Jones Furniture.

This guarantee covers all the core and structural parts of our furniture, to look and feel luxurious and comfortable, and be practical years after you purchase your pieces.

We trust in our furniture and we trust in the quality of both our materials and our workmanship, and we want to pass that trust directly onto you.

Please contact us for terms and conditions.
Excludes finish and upholstery, as well as damage sustained from accidental or inappropriate use.